Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 more days...

I go back to school in four more days...I'm surrounded by a pile of mess that I just can't muster up the energy to put in boxes yet. Its so unbearably hot here, and my teeth ache from a recent brace-tightening. Packing sounds like a not-fun thing to do right now.

My summer was...uneventful. I worked two days a week at a law firm, filing and scanning and keeping out of the office manager's way. I went out with my best friend, Erin, a lot. We ate too much ice cream and drank too many Coke slurpees. My sister and I bashed each other constantly, and I saw Billy quite a few times.

Speaking of Billy, he took me to see "Billy Elliot: The Musical!!!!!!!!!!!" I've wanted to see this show since my 15th birthday, and this year, Billy took me to NY and brought me to see it on Broadway. It was outstanding.

I can't write...its so hot...I have so much to do...ugh.

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