Tuesday, May 26, 2009



I can't sleep. It may have something to do with the loooooong nap I took today...but the bed was so cool and the breeze was lovely blowing over my face from the open window...can I be blamed?

I'm home for the summer, and I HATE IT. Seriously, I hate it here. I love my parents, but I also can't stand them right now. It sucks. I know that my writing is less than eloquent, but misery makes my thoughts choppy.

I miss Billy, my loving boyfriend. I miss sitting in my friend Sam's "nest" on her bed back at school. I miss walking all over campus and having my own schedule. I miss making my own choices and I miss my lovely big bed.

My town is small. The people feel small. I'm not a fan.

In the two weeks I've been home, I've had to deal with a best friend's emotional boy crisis, my sister talking non-stop about prom next weekend, and the stress of being jobless after a tiff with the former boss at my last job, resulting in me quitting. Now, I sit at home and fill out applications while talking to Billy online or on the phone as much as I can. Sometimes I eat meals. Mostly I sleep.

Is it August yet? Billy and I are getting a place together next summer, or at least we're talking about it.

I need sleep. Yay eloquence!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm not studying for finals right now.

I'm listening to the Flaming Lips, doing laundry with my boyfriend, and sort of glancing at my German book every few minutes.

I'm in a list mood, actually.

A list of things that are different...changes, accomplishments...life.

!) I'm nearly a sophomore in college. Wow? Wow.
@) I'm in love. 100% actually, really, head-over-heels in love.
#) I've lived through an entire year of college without once getting drunk. Sure, I had a drink or two. Doesn't effect me. Now, the weed, on the other hand. Yeah, I felt that.
$) I've lost a lot. Pens...papers...books...innocence.
%) I've gained a lot. Pens...papers...books...experience.
^) I got sick a few times this year. No colds or anything. Weird stuff, like ugly itchy skin rashes, the flu, and pinkeye.

I need more sleep. And I need to finish this German work and study for my chem final. Blah.