Monday, April 6, 2009

I have poison ivy all over my body.

Last few days of school before Easter weekend.
I need to replenish my chocolate suplply. I just at the last of my m&m cache, and am already feeling the effects.
Oh dear.

Its raining outside. I did some school stuff, and then had hot cocoa and soup before settling in for a nap. Now, I'm pretending to brainstorm for the five page play I have due tomorrow, while really just looking at the cool patterns left by the raindrops on my window and listening to Holst's "The Planets" (which is, in case anyone wondered, my most favorite piece of music ever written).

On Friday night, I went to a murder mystery party in which I played Angel Wood, the movie star who pisses everyone off and then dies, and M.C. Award, the main investigator who buys and collects evidence from all of the suspects at the party. The party was a blast, and I got to dress up in fancy clothes and say "It isn't easy being this glamorous." How much better can life get?


In other news, my body is being taken over by poison ivy blisters. My hands and torso and face are riddled with little raised bumps that ooze. Gross! I'm soooooo itchy, and calamine lotion isn't helping at all. Oh dear.

Let's see...oh yes! Housing for next year is done, and I found an awesome chair by the side of the road which now lives in my room. I'm knitting a sock. I still need to do my taxes. I need new contact lenses. I still have to pick my classes.

Life goes on.

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